Monday, January 27, 2014

Twenty Below Zero

Grace, ever vigilant.
Two days ago, I returned from a week-long trip to Montego Bay. It was lovely; the company and accommodations and food and libations were second-to-none.  The air was balmy, the ocean azure, the residents beautiful, the music reggae. My soul thanks me for the rest... my liver, however, just might deserve a note of apology.

Wonderful as it was to get away, I could not wait to return home.  Yes, to Minnesota, Land of the Polar Vortex, of back-to-back blizzards and subsequent -20F, -30F, -40F temperatures. After learning of my pending departure back to this frigid climate, a shopkeeper extended her condolences and exclaimed that she could not handle such cold; I assured her that both my wardrobe and I were designed for it.

While doing my afternoon chores today, it occurred to me that the ambient air temperature here is a full 100 degrees colder than when I was visiting with that shopkeeper in Jamaica. And yet, I could not be more content. Upon my return I was greeted with joy and enthusiasm by my children and animals alike; everyone was happy to see me and I, them.  It did not take long to put away the swimsuits and sundresses, or to replace them with long johns, wool socks and down parkas.

It's a "snow day" today. Yesterday we hunkered down while a blizzard raged outside; today we dig out. The plows had some difficulty clearing the roads, school was closed...

...and I wait for days like this all year.

My family is here. We have plenty to eat, enough to wear, a warm house, running water, and a German Shepherd who bounds with joy when she gets to accompany me doing the chores, regardless of the temperature.

We will have homemade chicken and wild rice soup for supper. I will spend the evening reading or knitting or planning an upcoming event...

It's good to be home.