Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Great Escape

This is our cabin.

Its where we go when we need to just... be.

This is our boat.

Its not big, not fancy.... but it works.

From it, we catch some of these:

And, some of these, too:

Walleye, perch, northern pike, bass.

(The kids, we don't need to catch... they just showed up a few years back and decided to stay.)

We built the cabin about seven years ago, and it was one of the best things we ever did
(besides deciding to let the kids stay).

We had a contractor put up the shell, but did the rest of the work ourselves.

My husband built the bar. We'll hide beneath it if ever there is a tornado.

As you can see, he's a better woodworker than I am a decorator... but its on my to-do list.

The problem is that I'd rather walk the trails around the lake...


eat s'more s'mores...

look at the flowers...

...and just... be.

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