Thursday, March 10, 2011

Winter Reflection

This is the time of year when, despite all I love about winter and its slower pace, it seems to be lasting forever.  I tell myself, "C'mon, Amy... it's just another season on the calendar, no longer than any other. Enjoy it while it lasts because when spring hits you'll be busier than Lindsay Lohan's lawyer...."

It's hard to wait patiently for spring, though, and the flowers and sunshine and new foals it will bring.  The cold grey days eventually wear on my creativity and enthusiasm.  So, this morning I went through some photos from the past few months, reflected with gratitude on the joys and accomplishments and laughter.  Here are a few....

My big brother met his first grandchild at Christmastime this year... 
yes, that makes me a great-aunt and I don't mind that title one bit!  
Little Trevor John is beautiful and such a good baby, a real blessing to our family.

My husband's family spent Christmas Eve at our house; what a busy, happy time that was!

Christmas Day, we went over the river and through the woods to my parents house, 
and welcomed our soldier home. 
Best Christmas present ever.  
My older daughter reminds me of him every day, they are alike in so many ways... and he's her hero. :)

My Dad makes the most mouth-watering prime rib on the planet, and so we stuffed ourselves silly.  

After awakening from our holiday food coma, it was time to get back to work... 
and it's really hard work supporting  kids and pets.  Like, literally.

Well, okay, SOME of us worked... my oldest daughter worked very hard and in February, 
accomplished her long-time goal of earning her Junior Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do. Yay!

She then celebrated by attending her first formal dance... 
and ignoring her mother's tearful plea to quit growing up so fast...

My baby is growing up fast too... she's reading now(!)... 
but at least she's not yet too cool to snuggle with Mom. 
I've learned to enjoy those chocolate-rimmed smiles, and not wash those crumbs off so quick.

Because it won't be long, and she'll be looking like this... not a crumb in sight.

Looking at these photos this morning, it reinforced one of my core beliefs. 

Enjoy. Every. Single. Day.  

Even, and maybe especially, the cold grey ones.

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