Friday, February 26, 2010

I Still Believe It's a Miracle

Tonight, my daughter (pictured here with her Daddy) earned her red belt in Tae Kwon Do. 

Forgive me if you've heard about it already... by phone, by fax, by e-mail or Facebook or Twitter or carrier pigeon (I've probably spread the word by every one of those means, by now)... but my gratitude over the fact she is breathing and walking, not to mention breaking boards with her bare feet, is overwhelming.

Four months ago tonight, she lay in the ICU of a Children's Hospital, desperate for breath, her lungs filled with fluid, her temperature frighteningly high, body riddled with infection, tubes and needles... fighting for her life.

She lay in that hospital for three weeks, first battling the H1N1 flu and pneumonia (and other assorted bugs, as well)... then the failure of her kidneys as a result of all the antibiotics it required to fight the infection.

We prayed.  Fervently. For complete healing.

Three months ago, the doctors said it would take six to twelve months for her lungs to look anywhere near normal on a chest x-ray.

Two months ago, her pediatrician stared in amazement at a perfectly clear picture of those same lungs. They were totally clear.  The doctor said, "You are perfectly healthy!! I don't need to see you again for a whole year!" That was the very same day her nephrologist joyfully reported that her kidneys had resumed normal function.

Six weeks ago, she resumed her Tae Kwon Do training, something she has worked at since she was seven.  Its a sport she shares with her dad... their special time together.

And tonight... tonight, she earned her red belt.  It was, however, about way more than progressing to the next level in a sport.

It was about coming full circle.  About fighting back from the brink of death, about the faith and prayer and miracles and love that made it happen. It was about her own strength of spirit, and a testament to the power of the prayers of the hundreds of people who prayed for her healing.

We did not pray just that she would survive... we asked, and believed, for complete healing.

Our prayers were answered.

Looking back... I still believe it was a miracle.

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