Friday, July 2, 2010


Father, forgive me... I used Your name in vain today. 

I'm really sorry for that.

Not that there is any good excuse, but I do have one... in case You would like to hear it.

It was hot, and I was picking up a load of square hay bales (aka "idiot cubes") from the field and loading them into the truck.  I was topping off the load.... and since You created me to be short, I had to lift the bales to my chest, then heave them up over my head.  As it was hot, I was tired, sweaty and in a hurry, and so ignored my self-imposed protocol of always turning a bale over before picking it up. 

On what would prove to be the last bale of that particular load, I threw it up over my head... then looked square into the eyes of one of these as it dangled before my face:

And then I used Your name in vain.  Really loudly.  

I'm sure You (and all my neighbors) probably heard it, so I just wanted to say sorry.

I promise to follow the rules and turn the bales over before picking them up, from now on.  

Over and out.

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