Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Ten days ago, I wrote about Stripey, the Monarch caterpillar who came to live in my kitchen.

This is what he looked like then, just before he shed his skin and turned into a chrysalis:

But, a lot can happen in ten days.

In ten days, we've had lots of rain, and seen lots of rainbows like these:

We've had a visit from the Tooth Fairy...

...and welcomed a new foal into the world...

...and watched baby barn swallows do what baby barn swallows do. 

That is, eat.

They live above the foaling stall, and announced... "The new Prince is here!"

My baby bird likes to announce things and eat, too... 

though here she is pleading for a brownie, rather than a bug.

But, back to bugs.  Er, I mean, butterflies.

Ours made his appearance this morning, amidst a house-shaking, nerve-wracking thunderstorm.  

We let the heavy weather subside, but then my little bird decided it was time for 

Stripey to fly free (noting that he has to get ready to fly to Mexico soon)...

He let us admire him for a few moments...

 ...then flew up...up...up to the tops of the trees.

Just because he could.

Have a good time in Mexico, Stripey... don't forget the folks back home!

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