Monday, August 2, 2010

The County Fair

We've been working hard.  Like, for a long time.  

It was time for some fun.... so we went to the county fair.

We rode the carousel...

...played a few games...

...rode some more rides...

She scored the #24 car... atta girl!

Keeping her eyes on the... road?

"Don't text and drive... call when you arrive... don't talk to strangers..." 

Here we go!

Hang on!!!

Then it was time for some fair food...

 She doesn't like corn dogs (my fair food of choice) and wanted to buy her own lunch.
A pork chop on a stick.
How a child who doesn't like corn dogs could have sprung from my loins, is a mystery to me.
Its heresy.

I'll bet this gentleman's mother raised him right, and that *he* likes corn dogs.
(I love seeing the seniors at the fair.  Especially old farmers in John Deere hats.)

YUM! Corn dogs!
(We are having more success indoctrinating this child. Guess practice makes perfect.)

The prodigal daughter.  I love her anyway.
And she did eat most of my deep fried cheese curds.
There may still be some hope for her.

With full bellies, it was time for more fun...

Shaking a leg.
Yes, they are shy and reserved.... until you cue the music.

Taking a bow!

The crowd loved it!

With the show over, it was time to check out the livestock exhibits...

Milking a cow!
They made us sign a liability waiver, and dispensed hand sanitizer afterward.
I told the guy with the hand sanitizer they needed it more over at the carnival rides, than in the cow barn.
He laughed.

She earned her stripes... er, stickers!

The DNR had a baby fawn on display...

So precious and beautiful!

The day was a hot one, and all that fun wears a girl out, so we finally headed for home...

All that singing and walking and riding and dancing and corn-dog eating just plumb wore her out!

...and we went back to work...
sort of...

(Gotta love a man in a tool belt. Be still, my heart.)

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