Thursday, October 14, 2010

Help Me God

Sometimes things happen in life which leave us bereft, lost, hurting so deeply and so afraid, that even a believer cannot form the words to pray.  Challenges seem insurmountable, the night so black and without end.  We've all been there, at some point... every single one of us.  Probably more times than one would care to admit, as being strong and self-reliant is what's valued in this society, after all.

A friend posted this beautiful video to Facebook today, and it literally brought me to my knees.

Sometimes all we can say is, "Help me God.  I'm lost and hurting, I can't see You, but I know You are there. Help me."

I share this for all those who are lost and hurting.

"Help Me God"
    by Kathy Troccoli

Help me God I'm scared
And I'm unprepared to face the night alone
Hear me, hear my prayer
My soul it aches and I've nowhere to go
Help me God

In this dark hour
I know only the power that made the stars
Can mend my heart
Oh I've tried on my own but I'm not that strong
You're all I've got
You're all I've got
Help me God

Sometimes, people leave
And I can grieve cause life's not always fair
help me to hold on
though I can't see you, I believe you're there
I know you're there


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