Monday, October 11, 2010

Haying in October

In all my years as a farm girl, I cannot recall ever putting up hay in October.

So, this would be a first.

Let me just say, for the record, I'm okay with it.  
When you're looking at six months of snow up to your derrière...

and temperatures plunging, at times, to -40F...

and herds of horses and calves looking to you as their sole means of survival...

hay put up at any time of year is good.  But hay put up in October is an unexpected blessing.

As is having kids now old enough to help!

Dad giving instruction to the new driver.

She's twelve.  Going on twenty.  
And driving a five-speed, four-wheel-drive, turbo-diesel pullin' truck.

Daddy does the baling, and he stacks the bales I pitch onto the trailer.
The little one helps too.  She fetched my camera for me. And keeps us in stitches.

Oh, and Grace keeps an eye out for varmints.  

Life is good.

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